When serving people, add sugar

Photo by Ruan Richard Rodrigues on Unsplash

I sit at a PG Glass waiting for my rear side window to be replaced. About a week ago, someone or something shattered the glass.

No note left behind; no explanation given!

Glass half empty

I came in yesterday to place my order, and I arrived quite early this morning to be the first in line. I wasn’t, but oh well.

Another gentleman came in while I waited my turn. He, too, needed his windscreen repaired. His comment cracked me up.

“Here they only serve water. No coffee. So early in the morning.”

We jokingly nagged our kind consultant, arguing that as customers we should have a little sugar with our morning drink, a little sweetness to start our day.

I know. In this imperfect illustration, I am promoting an artificially sweetened caffeinated drink instead of pure H2O. Don’t be so literal. In this story, government juice is the bad guy.

Add a little sweetness to someone’s day.

When we deal with people, we inevitably need to give them water. That’s a basic minimum.

But wouldn’t it make their day brighter if you could warm it up, add a little flavour, a little sweetness, a little cream?

Sunshine on a cloudy day

Don’t be boring. Be good.

Shine a little light where you are. You never know: it may chase someone’s darkness away.



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